Quality Vintage Signs 

Fill your space with beautiful vintage signs and other advertising items from YesterYears Used Furniture and Accents in North College Hill, OH. We’re your best resource for stained glass, vintage advertising, and other unique items at reasonable prices. Come in today and browse our rotating stock for beautiful vintage signs, one-of-a-kind glass items, and more. 

Glass pieces in cabinet

Stunning Stained Glass

Stained glass is a beautiful addition to any home, and our shop has plenty of options to choose from. Each item is cleaned and in great condition. 

We have various unique stained glass items for sale. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Windows
  • Artwork
  • Lamps
  • Ceiling Light Fixtures

Reasonably Priced● Remember, We Always Purchase Vintage Signs From Favorite Brands and Stained Glass Items ● 

Vintage Advertising

If you’re looking for unique advertising created by companies throughout the years, you’ll want to visit us at YesterYears Used Furniture and Accents. We carry vintage signs, clocks, and other pieces from a variety of companies, including old car signs, gas station boards, and more. The perfect addition to your space, our unique and affordable pieces are beautiful relics from the past.

vintage automotive advertising signs
What do we have in stock?

Visit Us Often for Rotating Stock

Like our other items, our stained glass and advertising stock rotates often. Make sure to visit our store regularly to browse new items we have. Vintage signs are fleeting and glass is precious, so make sure you take home what you like before it’s gone!

Come View Our Selection Today

Don’t miss your chance to add a new discussion piece to your home. Stop by YesterYears Used Furniture and Accents and browse our ever-changing stock for vintage signs, glass windows, and much more. Call us today to check on our current inventory rotation.

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